Logistics Pakistan Rice

Freight Service & Port-to-Port Transpiration

HAS Rice Pakistan is stuffed with a team of specialists on all modes of sea & land transportation fields of these commodity products and can understand in deep the special requirements and needs of each, in order to generate and ensure sophisticated transport plans.

HAS Rice Pakistan is involved in trading activities of rice cargoes around the globe, receives on time updated freight quotes for our business and sale projects without the need of an associate local establishment in each origin that will be burden on dealing with freight canvassing procedures apart of their normal procurement tasks.

HAS Rice Pakistan and it’s network are taking over the time consuming procedure of canvassing the shipping market in order to select and secure the best conditions and transport cost by Shipping Line Principals and procure the most suitable service to its customers for rice cargoes running under specific trade-lines. Under this procedure, best services and freight costs are selected, analyzed and categorized by best Value for Money” order, whereas thereafter Company’s Management is setting the strategy and performs the negotiations and slot agreements with the top selected carriers on each trade line.

The Logistics Team at HAS Rice Pakistan therefore uses these slots to fulfill customer’s requirements for contractual or spot shipping obligations. HAS Rice Pakistan ensures proper transportation, logistics through cargo vessels and containers, irrespective of seasons, throughout the year. First class shipping lines are used (SAF Marine, Maersk, APL, PIL) to ensure timely and accurate delivery of goods at destination ports.

Over the period of two decades, HAS Rice Pakistan has established a strong and reliable network of acquaintances with several reliable shipping carriers operating from Pakistan due to exports of rice in large volume which is not very common. This enables us to offer cost effective freight solutions to our buyers by overcoming the different predicaments occurring in the growing container freight industry.


The Following Details are Quoted with Each Shipment Schedule:

  • Shipping Line
  • ETA Of Vessel at Loading Port
  • Transit Time
  • Trans-shipment port (if any)
  • ETA at destination port
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